Holy Matrimony

The Cathedral Basilica Wedding Guidelines help couples understand what to expect when making a decision about holding their ceremony at the Basilica. We ask that couples carefully read and consider all of the requirements. A minimum of six months advanced planning and preparation prior to the wedding date is required.

***The 2019 Calendars is open.
***The 2020 Calendar will open on the third or fourth week of February, 2019.


  • If a couple is not a member of the parish, they should request a letter of permission from their home parish to be married at the Cathedral. Please do not send the letter to the Rectory Office. Bring it with you when you meet with our priest. Have your letter of permission mailed to you.  We cannot hold letters sent to the Parish Office before you meet with a priest.
  • Once the letter has been obtained, please call the Parish Office at 215-561-1313 to schedule an appointment with one of the priests.
  • Date availability will be discussed with a priest during the first appointment. 
  • Weddings will be planned between the engaged couple and the priest. Please don’t have wedding planners or family call.
  • At that appointment, please bring the letter of permission with you and a non-refundable deposit in the amount of $500 which is required to reserve the date for the wedding. See below for total fees.
  • Weddings are normally scheduled for Fridays at 4 pm and Saturdays at 11 am, 1 pm and 3 pm. Due to certain religious services throughout the year in the Basilica, particular days may not be available for weddings. You have the option of having your wedding in either the Basilica or the Chapel. Fees for each are listed below.
  • The 2020 Calendar will open on February, 2019.  Please do not leave voice mail messages regarding requests for wedding dates. You may call us the 3rd or 4th week of February 2019 to schedule an appointment. No requests will be taken before the book opens.



  • Basilica offering: $2,500 ($500 + $2000 balance)
  • Cathedral Chapel offering: $1,000 ($500 + $500 balance)
  • Music fee for Cathedral organist and cantor: $500 (not included in wedding offering)

Musicians serving at your wedding are from the Cathedral Music Department. The Cathedral employs both a Principal and an Associate Organist, and maintains a roster of professional singers. Therefore, no outside musicians are permitted to perform during Cathedral weddings. Your Music fee includes an organist and one singer.


The information below is for couples who have already scheduled a wedding with one of the Cathedral Parish Priests

Marriage Preparation Sessions

For a schedule of Marriage Preparation Sessions offered by the Archdiocese of Philadelphia visit www.philamarriageprep.com or call 610-873-2017

Liturgical Preparation      

These files can be used to help with the selection of readings for the wedding liturgy and with the preparation of the universal prayer. Please consult with the Cathedral Parish Priest responsible for your wedding before making any selections: