Infant Baptism

The Sacrament of Baptism welcomes a newborn into the Catholic Church, this Sacrament is the doorway to the Christian life and to all the other Sacraments. As such, preparation of the parents and for the Baptism itself deserve very special attention. Baptisms are scheduled one Sunday a month, usually the first Sunday of each month at 12:30 PM following the 11:00 AM Solemn Mass. Everyone is welcome. The celebration is carried out with liturgical music and with a great sense of hospitality. Upcoming dates: Jan. 6, 2019, Feb. 3, Mar. 3, Apr. 7.

A Baptism Preparation Session takes place on the third Sunday of each month in anticipation of the celebration of the Sacrament. The session is open to all of our neighbor parishes and to godparents as well.  Parents are encouraged to participate during pregnancy, if at all possible. Upcoming sessions: Jan. 20, Feb. 17, Mar. 17, Apr. 21, in the Basilica. The class is in the Basilica from 12:30 PM to 1:30 PM (Please note there will not be a class on Nov. 18th or in December). A certificate of completion can be emailed to you if the baptism is scheduled elsewhere. 

Parents in the Cathedral Parish must participate. Please call the Parish Office at 215–561-1313  to register for the Baptism Preparation Session or email Nora at Provide the names of the people who will attend the session, your phone number, email, parish, and let us know if you would also like to schedule the Baptism in the Cathedral.

Arrangements for Baptism Prep and Infant Baptism must be made in advance by calling the Parish Office at 215-561-1313. Provide your phone number and the name of your parish. The priests schedule the Baptisms,  the parish secretary and priests register people to the Baptism prep session.

The Church requirements


  • If you are not a member of the Cathedral Basilica parish, you need to obtain a letter of permission from your parish church acknowledging that your child is to be baptized here.
  • Parents must participate in a Baptism Preparation Session, preferably at the Cathedral. If unable, at another Catholic parish, prior to the Baptism; once the Baptism is scheduled with a Cathedral Parish Priest, the certificate of completion must be mailed or emailed to the Parish Office, RE: Infant Baptism/Baby’s full name.


The Sacraments of Baptism and Confirmation require that the godparents and sponsors are eligible to serve in such a role.  This role is more than ceremonial.  Godparents and sponsors are witnesses to the Faith of Church celebrated in these Sacraments of Christian Initiation.  Living, sharing, modeling and mentoring the same Faith of the Church is at the heart of the role of godparents and sponsors. This is the reason why today as throughout the history of the Church the role of godparents and sponsors has been taken most seriously.  So, the first consideration when making the choice for a godparent and/or sponsor centers on the Faith and a relationship between believers.

As a minimum the Church requires that godparents and sponsors be at least sixteen years of age, have been fully initiated into the Catholic Church—with Baptism, Confirmation and Communion, and, if married, are married in the Church.  This all means that the person is living and practicing the Faith, especially with participation in Sunday Mass.

  • Godparents must request a letter of eligibility from their parish  and it must be mailed or emailed to the Parish Office prior to the Baptism. RE: Infant Baptism/Baby’s full name.

Here at the Cathedral Parish, when a parishioners request a statement of eligibility, one of our parish priests will contact them to provide the necessary documentation.

Adult Baptism

The Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA) begins each September. It is for adults who have never been baptized, were baptized in another Christian religion and now wish to explore becoming Catholic, and for those who were baptized Catholic but never made their First Communion and Confirmation. Anyone who is interested should visit the Teligious Education Website; All program schedules, registration and  e-tuition  payment options have been posted. You may register, or contact them with questions, via the website, phone, text, or email. All Cathedral Catechetical Programs are in English, (with Spanish speaking supports as needed). To speak with a representative in Spanish, contact Nora Martin in the Parish Office, (215)561-1313.

Phone:  267.570.0074 (text messages acceptable).
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Volunteers needed, (necessary training, certifications and support will be provided).