Living Out the Corporal Works of Mercy

The Church calls us to alms giving and service of others throughout the year. We continue to highlight several opportunities:

PRODEIN NON PROFIT INC, Promoter of Integral Development

PRODEIN NON PROFIT INC, a development NPO, charitable organization 501(c)(3), which is based on Catholic values. Its main focus is to serve those most impoverished in Latin American countries where they work for the integral development of the human person in all of its facets, both material as well as spiritual, making them agents for their own self-improvement.

This year, 2019, we’ve focused our financial support on the Hermana Josefina Serrano Hospital in Cusco, which provides free services to the needy, namely: medical consultation, surgeries, physical rehabilitation, maternity services including labor and delivery, gastroenterology, dentistry, among others. As these are offered for free, the hospital needs your support. Some recent numbers and costs to help you understand the financial need:

• In 2018, 36,178 patients were treated at the hospital, the majority of whom are impoverished rural people who do not have access to health services where they live.
• A hospital admission costs approx. $170 a month and $5.68 a day.
• In the 2018 fiscal year, 90% of all Prodein’s expenditures were directed to service programs, 10% to administration expenses.

Patients, volunteers, and visitors are most impacted by the quality of care as all patients are treated with dignity and charity. Testimonies from staff and patients:

• “What I like the most is the care. They treat us with respect and love, most of all I like the cleanliness; they change our sheets every day, they clean us every day, that does not happen in other hospitals” A patient.
• “Just because someone is poor, s/he should not have a lesser quality of care” Biologist on staff.
• “This is the only hospital in Cusco that offers gastroenterology services to poor people and that offers high quality endoscopies” Gastroenterologist on staff.
• “A kind word seems to encourage them to see the doctor, likewise they leave joyfully and I bid farewell kindly, I think that contributes to the success of their treatment.” Receptionist/door man on staff.

Other areas in which this organization helps those in need:

Communication & Awareness-raising. Prodein’s main task is to be a bridge between those who have more and those who have less. The sustainability of their programs depends on the financial and volunteering support of patrons.
• Education. Education programs for children, youth, and adults in situations of poverty in Latin America.
• Nutrition. Proper nutrition services, for children, youth and the elderly, which allow them to develop their intellectual potential and to lead healthy and active lives.
• Health. In the medical and health field, they support the patient attention efforts of Medical Centers, Health Centers and Offices.
• Productive Enterprise. Educational programs, training for work in the agricultural sector.
Charitable works and Evangelization. Programs for social development for people in need and evangelization work. With this objective, we promote emergency campaigns through mini-objectives that seek to be of aid in concrete, urgent cases and situations.
• Pro-Life Action. Women’s Help Centers and that treat women in situations of undesired pregnancy and vulnerability. Psychological counseling, medical accompaniment, material support, work orientation and training, spiritual guidance and formation in values.

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