Baby Bottle Drive – Legacy of Life Foundation

SEPTEMBER 28 & 29, 2019  at every Sunday Mass, including the anticipated Mass.

*Fundraiser to support women in crisis pregnancy and their babies*

Please pick up your baby bottle at the conclusion of Mass and bring it back with donations on OCTOBER 5 OR 6TH. You may also mail in donations or donate online at

Donations to benefit the Legacy of Life Foundation 

“When a woman is faced with an unplanned pregnancy, she is in crisis. She is alone. She does not think abortion is her right – she thinks abortion is her only choice. We are here to break the cycle, to give her the freedom to make a free choice for life and to help her be the mother she was created to be.”

How We Help:
“We invest in educating, inspiring and supporting women in unplanned pregnancies to find the strength to choose life.”